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Industry Note July 2017 – AS 1940:2017 Impacts Update

Service Stations Service station owners, designers and developers should be aware that AS 1940:2017 includes changes which affect the design, operation and maintenance of service stations. AS 1940 is significant…


Industry Note April 2017: Qld Biofuels Update

The Queensland State Government has demonstrated support and generated a lot of interest for the Biofuels industry over the last six months including: A Biofutures 10 year road map and…


Industry Note Nov 2016: 2017 Queensland Biofuels Mandate 

As of 1 January 2017, the Queensland Government will commence enforcement of a Biofuels Mandate over motor spirit and diesel fuel sales across the state. The Government’s objective with this Mandate…


Industry Note October 2016: Lessons from the APFI Forum

TFA Project Group (TFA) recently sent two of our senior personnel in the retail fuel industry to the APFI Forum in Singapore. This event was championed within Australia by ACAPMA…

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Graduate Chemical / Process Engineer

TFA currently are looking to employ a graduate Chemical or Process Engineer in our Head Office in Brisbane. If you are interested in applying, please click the Learn More link below….

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